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What It Will Take For Mike Smith To Keep His Job

The Atlanta Falcons have looked unusually good. After putting up a great fight on the road against one of the league's top teams, the Falcons seem like they have an outside shot at competing in the playoffs. If this team keeps improving, can Mike Smith keep his job?

Mike Smith is getting cold after his hot seat is cooling down.
Mike Smith is getting cold after his hot seat is cooling down.
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

It was barely four months ago when I suggested Mike Smith should already be on the hot seat. After the last few weeks, Mike Smith may actually have a shot at keeping his job.

That makes this article super awkward.

The team put together a strong offensive game and has looked good against projected playoff teams. Not only that, the defense occasionally does not given up touchdowns. While we have known for weeks that the Falcons have a great chance at winning the NFC Sadness South, they may actually have a chance at winning a playoff game.

The team is trending in the right direction and may continue to improve, getting hot at exactly the right time. The playoff picture is still pretty fluid, but the Falcons could play the teams like the Arizona Cardinals or the Detroit Lions. Teams Atlanta either beat or nearly beat if it were not for Mike Smith.

If the Falcons can string together one or two wins in the playoffs, the turnaround could save Mike Smith's job. While some have said Mike Smith's fate is sealed, that may change if Smith can get his team to the NFC Championship game and play like they belong.

Do not get me wrong. The odds here are low. The last few weeks, it may have gone from the odds of Tyson Jackson turning into a pass rush specialist to the odds of Paul Worrilow not get embarrassed in coverage.

Not likely, but certainly more likely Mike Smith's chances after choking against the Baltimore Ravens, topping off a stretch of games the team seemed to treat like preseason. Smith could realistically blame injuries, new players and Mike Nolan as the reason the team struggled.

What do you think it will take for Mike Smith to keep his job for one more year?