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Kicker extraordinaire Matt Bryant goes 4/4 against the Buccaneers, surpasses 600 points as Atlanta Falcon

Fact: Matt Bryant once barbecued an entire moose

Mike Ehrmann

You can debate the merits of today's win all you want. Maybe you think the Falcons are right in the division race after defeating the lowly Buccaneers. Or maybe you're already looking ahead to free agency and the draft. In any case, it's always nice to acknowledge a milestone.

Matt Bryant scored his 600th point today. Only two Falcons have reached that milestone. The other Falcon is Morten Andersen, who had 806 career points. Bryant hit all four of his field goal attempts today, two of which were 40+ yard attempts. He's only missed 2 field goals this season; both were 50+ yard attempts.

Bryant has a good story and he's reliable. Those are two qualities you want in kicker - a player you don't have to worry about. We haven't discussed it much, but this is a contract year for Bryant. At 39, he's up there is years, but kicker isn't a position that requires youth.

Bryant's current salary isn't unmanageable. His base salary this season was $2.75 million, with a $562,500 roster bonus. I'm all for the Falcons giving him similar money on a 2-3 year deal. If there's a major front office shake up, however, Bryant has to fear a new regime thinking they'd rather not pay a kicker that much, no matter how dependable he is. Let's hope that's not the case.

Your thoughts?