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With a bigger and better contract looming, Atlanta Falcons RB Antone Smith hires new agent

Fact: Antone Smith doesn't wear deodorant because his armpits naturally smell like Old Spice

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Antone Smith is having a breakout year. While I'll admit I questioned his abilities, there's no doubt, even in my skeptical mind, that he deserves a raise. Smith has met and exceeded all expectations this year. The man is about to get paid. He knows it. We know it. The front office knows it.

Staring down contract negotiations, Smith decided to hire a new agent. Per Vaughn McClure, it's Todd France.

Smith fired his previous agent, Terry Watson, after Watson was charged with 13 count of providing illegal benefits to North Carolina football players.

[Todd] France ... also represents Falcons wide receiver Harry Douglas. One of France's marquee running backs is suspended former Baltimore Ravens standout Ray Rice.

Good for him. It sounds like his prior agent was a shady fellow, and Smith has to make sure his interests are protected. I'm glad to hear that he won't expect the Falcons to pay him a ridiculous sum. He just wants a respectable raise, and if the Falcons can't give him that, then he absolutely should look elsewhere.

Your thoughts?