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Cardinals vs. Falcons: Second Half Open Thread

Discuss the second half of the game here.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons have done some really good things in the first half. Steven Jackson broke off a tremendous 55-yard run early in the first half and put the Falcons in a position to score. Mike Smith didn't go conservative, opting to go for it on fourth down, resulting in a Matt Ryan to Levine Toilolo touchdown. Devin Hester broke off a huge return, and for the most part, the chemistry between Matt Ryan and Julio Jones looks to be on point.

Defensively, they're certainly doing enough. Dwight Lowery had a timely interception, and a forced fumble by William Moore which was recovered by Desmond Trufant halted a pretty efficient Cardinals drive. The Falcons take a 20-10 lead into halftime, and while this isn't our first rodeo and we all know to reserve our excitement until time expires, the team is in a pretty good position heading into the half.

Stansley Maponga (elbow) and Desmond Trufant (neck) are both questionable to return to the game. Losing Trufant with Robert Alford already out with a broken list would not be idea. Fingers crossed that both guys are okay.

Discuss the second half of the game here!