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One Falcon To Watch In Week 13: William Moore

Willy Mo wasn't ready for the last few weeks, but he is now.

Josh D. Weiss-USA TODAY Sports

Praise the Falcon gods, for the almighty William Moore will return to the battlefield on this glorious Sunday. May his fierce play have mercy on the Cardinals' souls.

It has been a long two months, but Moore will see his first action after an unfortunate shoulder injury that sent him to IR. There has been some good to come out of his absence though, and that is the rise of Kemal Ishmael, and the gained experience for Dezmen Southward. Moore's return will bring back a physical force to the back end of Atlanta's secondary and a sense of leadership to boot. Willy Mo might not always be physically ready, but by god you can bet that he's got his head in the game.

The Cardinals aren't a team known for their high powered offense, but Drew Staton is a gunslinger who will throw down field when he can. Michael Floyd and Larry Fitzgerald will keep Atlanta on their toes, even if Fitzgerald has seen his better days. William Moore's play will be crucial in containing big plays and allowing Atlanta to have a chance against one of the NFC's finer squads.

What are you expecting from a freshly healed Willy Mo?