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Drew Davis glad to be back on the field, not feeling any lingering effects of his foot injury

Fact: Drew Davis invented thumb wrestling

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Stress fractures ain't nothin' to mess with - just ask Kevin Durant. Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Drew Davis has recently dealt with a similar injury, missing way more time than we ever thought he would. But now he's back, contributing on special teams and adding depth to the receiving corps.

Davis played extensively on special teams last weekend. And for what it's worth, he's feeling good.

I'm to the point now where I think about other things," Davis said. "My body is healthy. My mind's healthy. I'm ready to be playing football again. It's something you just don't think about. The trainers have done a good job of us going on the field and cutting down, breaking and stuff like that. So I'm not really complacent about it."

It's good to see Davis back on the field. He's a key contributor on special teams, even if he doesn't play much at receiver. The demotion of Freddy Martino may have ruffled some feathers, but Davis is undoubtedly the better use of that roster spot, at least for now.

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