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Osi Umenyiora To Retire After 2014 Season

The veteran defensive end plans to retire after completing his 11th pro season.

Easily top five in my favorite photographs.
Easily top five in my favorite photographs.
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Osi Umenyiora came in as a John Abraham replacement, intent on breaking the single season sack record. He came within 15.5 sacks of breaking that record, but has seemed to be in the decline phase of his career.

If you were wondering or fearing if he was going to be back in Atlanta next year, well, it looks like he will be out of football.

Umenyiora, 33, is the owner of 85 career sacks. However, only 10 of those sacks have come in his 27 games with the Atlanta Falcons. While he has shown flashes this season, he has been used as a pass rush specialist and limited to only 266 snaps through 11 games.

Umenyiora is currently rated as PFF's 24th out of 55 4-3 defensive ends.