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Show Off Your Bad Decision Making With This Ugly Falcons Holiday Sweater

Those photos circulating online of ugly holiday sweaters are not the sick dreams of a graphic artist, but an actual, too real, sweater you can buy.

This man has gone too far.
This man has gone too far.
Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Roger Goodell has gone too far.

Days ago, I saw this night terror of a sweater, likely to haunt my dreams for the rest of the decade. I assumed the sweater fit in to the same category as Freddy Krueger and Smurfs: terrifying things that clearly are not real.

I do not mean to alarm anyone, but these sweaters are real. And they are officially licensed by the NFL. For only $64.95 (plus tax, shipping and handling), you can own the following atrocity.

The Worst Sweater In The World

The Worst Sweater In The World

I apologize to the hundreds of you who have just sworn off football for life. For the remaining readers, here is the terrible description.

Prove you are the #1 Atlanta Falcons fan with this Busy Block ugly sweater. This festive sweater features allover Atlanta Falcons graphics along the front chest. This sweater is perfect for all your holiday gatherings and a great way to show your fun Atlanta Falcons style! NFL Shop is your source for officially licensed Atlanta Falcons gear.

"Do you not understand ugly holiday sweater parties? Do you want people to instantly hate you before you tell them you spent $80 after tax to own this sweater? This is a great way to lose friends and alienate people during the holidays."

Happy holidays!