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Roddy White, Crafty Veteran And Awesome Receiver

The veteran receiver has retained his edge after a decade in the NFL.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This week's prompt from Marshall Faulk focuses on veteran players, and how they stay useful as their ages advance.

Our obvious choice is Roddy White. Roddy's been with the team since 2005, and he's broken nearly every franchise receiving record along the way. After his injury-marred 2013, it was fair to wonder whether Roddy would return to form, and while he hasn't been quite as effective in 2014 as he once was, he's rallied in recent weeks to become the consistent threat over the middle that we all know and love.

Receivers who don't have outstanding speed or athletic ability have to depend on other things to get the job done, and while Roddy is clearly an excellent athlete, he's not known for the kind of size and speed that marks, say, Julio Jones.

If you're the snarky sort and/or not a fan of the Falcons, you'd probably suggest the push-off as Roddy's signature move, and it's true he's gotten away with some of that. When you come right down to it, though, what makes White so good and so remarkably consistent is that he doesn't have one move a team can key on. He just is excellent at getting open, has a nice catch radius and, when he's not going through those drop-filled stretches that occasionally plague him, he's more sure-handed than his reputation would indicate. He is, in short, excellent.

Let's hope Roddy finishes his career in Atlanta and is effective right up until the end.

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