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NFL Power Rankings: Falcons drop in SB Nation power rankings after week 12 loss to Browns

Fact: Make Ryan has substantial dandruff, caused by repeated head scratching

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

It's Tuesday, and you know what that means? It's SB Nation's power rankings day!

As for the Falcons, they rank 24th in the NFL, falling 3 spots after a disappointing, Mike Smith-fueled loss to the Browns. They're like a Big Loser contestant who mistakingly meanders into the snack aisle; the best of intentions but just destined to fail.

This week's rankings have the Patriots on top and the lowly Jaguars at the bottom. The Falcons are the lowest ranked 4-7 team and there are no 3-7 teams ranked above them. And for what it's worth, the highest ranked team below .500 are the 19th ranked St. Louis Rams.

Check out the teams around the Falcons - it's a sea of mediocrity. To be frank, their ranking is deserved. The Falcons lost to the 21st (Bears) and 22nd (Vikings) ranked teams. With a few wins, the Falcons could rocket up these rankings. A 9-7 record, for example, would arguably make them a top 15 team.

Your thoughts?