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Browns vs. Falcons: A Tweet Recap

Another tweet recap from yet another Falcons loss. Sigh.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons lost again, yet remain in first place in the division (with tiebreakers) thanks to the Saints' third consecutive home loss to the Ravens on Monday. Football is weird.

Analysts and commentators didn't have a lot of faith in Atlanta heading into Sunday's game against the Browns.

Falcons fans were ready regardless.

Early on, the line held up well and Roddy White had some really impressive moments.

Still, the offense had some significant struggles.

So the Falcons looked to their defense to keep them in the game early. What could go wrong?

But the Falcons actually got a stop, thanks to solid coverage by Desmond Trufant and a slightly overthrown ball from Brian Hoyer for good measure.

The offense still looked pretty anemic. It was looking like the Falcons might be in for a long day.

Matt Ryan used his deceptive athleticism to make a couple of plays.

And the Falcons capped the drive off with a Matt Ryan touchdown pass to Julio Jones.

Atlanta's defense continued to be a mixed bag.

And a crucial fourth down stop was nullified by a holding call against Kemal Ishmael. Sigh.

Then the offense was, again, not fun.

Yet the defense kept bailing them out.

Still the offense struggled.

Of course, the Browns' offense wasn't exactly firing on all cylinders, either.

For what it's worth, players, coaches, refs and commentators all seemed to be struggling on Sunday.

Then the Falcons scored on a shovel pass to Jason Snelling Jacquizz Rodgers.

Corey Peters is a brave man.

And just before the half, the Browns started driving down the field.

Oh, y'all just wait. You haven't seen anything yet.

The Falcons took a lead into the half, which was nice.

Oh, my.

Kroy Biermann got a sack. That's not a typo. He really did.

And Worrilow hit a pretty big milestone.

Then everything that the offense did was just pretty much horrible.

And it extended to special teams.

And the defense, now that you mention it.

Dear Mr. Blank...can you please just not?

What a crazy idea.

We all do.

The Falcons scored on a one-yard Steven Jackson run, and the Falcons were within two points of the Browns. Then the defense Falconed.

We all were thinking it.

And then Desmond Trufant had a genuinely amazing interception.

But the Falcons' offense, man...they just weren't good.

But everybody knows that if a game comes down to Matt Bryant's leg, it's a win.

Except for those times when Mike Smith calls a weird timeout and leaves the other team plenty of time to get into field goal range.

How did Falcons fans react to the loss? Not well.

At least the Saints lost. Ladies and gentlemen, your first place Atlanta Falcons!