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Introducing Lady Falcon, The Newest Falcoholic Moderator

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

We're expanding our moderation team with the hiring of Lady Falcon, who should be very familiar to all of you from the comments. Please give her a warm welcome!

Hello everyone! My name is Jasmaine (the second a is silent—don’t ask) and I was born and raised in Georgia. I’m currently a grad student at the great institution known as Louisiana State University earning my Masters in Library and Information Science. So yes, I live in enemy territory at the moment, but Louisiana has been very kind to me—the LSU fandom doesn’t hurt—and I’ve only gotten into one shouting match with a person so far.

A brief history of my Falcons fandom: I didn’t become hardcore interested in football until around 2012, but I’ve always had a slight case of Falcoholism. When I was little I would try to bandwagon to other teams and fail miserably doing it. The home team would just call me right back because no other football team could measure up. The Falcons have only truly broken me once and that was during the Vick dogfighting scandal. Like, I lost interest in football for a while after that. But the Falcons called me back as always and now I regret missing Matt Ryan’s early career and Michael Turner in his prime. I can safely say that nothing will break my fandom again.

As for a few of my quirks: I become an absolute nervous wreck on game days; I tweet fairly often but it’s hard for me to tweet during games I’m actually watching because of a bad case of BFS (Battered Fan Syndrome). I also enjoy travelling…to other SB Nation blogs to learn about other football teams. I’m too broke to do any actual travelling as of now. My goal is to get to a Falcons game at the Dome before they tear it down.

I’m grateful I came across the Falcoholic because no one does Falcons news better. You guys (staff and commenters) rock.