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Mike Smith Has World's Fastest Press Conference

At least it went by quickly.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

With the Falcoholic's Jeanna Thomas unable to cover Mike Smith's Monday press conference, we were stuck piecing together what Smitty said after the disastrous loss to the Cleveland Browns. It went by pretty quick.

Also, just about every response to the following tweets are very NSFW, so click with care.

Smith, looking pretty beaten down, was able to finally say one of the worst timeouts in NFL history was actually a bad idea. I am glad that was finally said and Smith took some accountability for single-handedly losing his second game this season due to poor time management skills.

At the very least, there is some level of accountability for bad decisions. If there will be any changes or adjustments, that is not as clear.

Well this is feels more familiar. I guess there were no problems with the Ryan to Julio connection, so expect no changes here.

Oh yes, this really was a Smitty press conference. Smitty is still the best in the business in giving the fans absolutely no hope for next week. The Falcons did not play well and we can expect to see the same lineup, scheme and game plan going into next week.

Finally! A ray of light from this season! Getting Moore will be great. He has been a playmaker and a quality veteran on the defense, and will allow the team with some flexibility on the defense.

Other than that, there was nearly nothing reported on the press conference. It really looks like the pressure is mounting on the Falcons head coach, I can only hope he tries something new after one of the most poorly-coached stretches of his career.