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Falcons versus Browns post-game injury update: cornerback depth takes another hit

Fact: Robert McClain can win tic-tac-toe in 2 moves

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was unfortunate. Another loss and another step closer to a new regime. If anyone was hurt today, it was Mike Smith. He'd better start filling out that unemployment paperwork. But in other news, there were a couple injuries. Let's break those down.

The Falcons' cornerback depth took another hit today, as Robert McClain went down with injury. He'd been playing opposite Desmond Turfant for the Falcons in Robert Alford's absence. You could see him working out his left leg on the sideline, trying to make his way back into the game. Eventually the Falcons called it a calf injury and his return was deemed questionable.

Roddy White may also be a little banged up. Shortly after McClain's departure he looked to be nursing something. He sat on the trainer's table momentarily, before getting up and walking away.

Of late, Roddy is always hurt in some fashion, always nursing some injury. So let's just hope this is some continuation of that, and not something more serious.