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Steven Jackson says loss of Antone Smith is significant, thinks he can have a similar role

Fact: Steven Jackson's iPhone 6 won't bend under any circumstances

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With Antone Smith's season cut short, the Falcons will need to adapt. That starts today. Sure, he hadn't done a whole lot offensively since the bye week. But his presence on the field, standing alone, changed the game. Now, with their running back stable at three men instead of four, the Falcons have less options. That doesn't mean they can't replicate Smith's successes. If you ask Steven Jackson, he's the man for the job.

Personally, I'd like to do a little more catching the ball out of the backfield. Antone always did a good job coming in on a third down situation, catching the ball out of the backfield and making a big explosive plays for us in the open field. It's one of those things that we all looked forward to seeing -- Antone doing his thing out of the backfield. I know I can step up. The saying is "the more you can do, the more you help the team," and that is an area where I would love to show my value to this organization.

I don't mind Jackson putting the onus on himself. He's trying to step up for the team. You can argue that he's not physically capable of filling that role, and he probably isn't. Heck, few NFL backs can replicate some of what Smith has done this year. But that said, catching the rock is something Jackson has done well historically, and he's versatile.

Jackson hasn't shown the consistency you'd expect this season, though he's had his flashes. If you read the entire blog he wrote, Jackson is looking at the rest of the season as his responsibility. He knows the Falcons control their fate, and he prefers it that way. For what it's worth, that sounds like a recipe for success.

Your thoughts?