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It May Only Take Five Wins To Be The NFC South Champion

Remember when the 9-loss Seattle Seahawks egregiously hosted the 11-5 New Orleans Saints in the playoffs?

Can this man lead us to one more win?
Can this man lead us to one more win?
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The results were fantastic, but it made some question if the current setup of awarding the winners of terrible divisions with home field advantage makes sense. Playoff changes were no longer debated after the Seahawks showed they had some talent.

Enter the NFC South.

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and, as it turns out, a 5-win team may host a wild card game. Remember when the NFC South was good? Me neither.

ESPN's Mike Triplett did the math.

Yes, it is mathematically possible for a 5-win team to make the playoffs this year.

ESPN Stats and Information broke down the possible scenarios. And the most likely would be the Atlanta Falcons (4-6) winning the NFC South at 5-11 or the Carolina Panthers (3-7-1) winning the division with a 5-10-1 mark.

The New Orleans Saints (4-6) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-8) could also potentially win the division with just five wins -- but either scenario would require at least one more game to end in a tie somewhere along the way.

The Falcons would win a tie-breaker over any other team at 5-11 based on either head-to-head or division record.

Oh good.

This scenario is still pretty unlikely, but can you imagine a more fitting end to the Mike Smith regime: an embarrassing home playoff loss after a record-breaking lack of wins to lead a division.

Lets see if the Falcons give the fans enough hope against the Cleveland Browns to not worry about winning, or losing, a, 5-win NFC South. Maybe we can break that 6-win barrier.