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Eric Weems Talks His Love of the Game and More

Special teams ace Eric Weems shares his approach to game day, his love of the game and coming home to Atlanta.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Weems is a special teams ace. He's currently leading the team in special teams tackles, and if you watched his Mic'd Up segment from last week's game, you know why. If you didn't watch his Mic'd Up segment, please watch it right now. Weems loves the game of football. He thrives off of the contact, the competition, and trying to get the best of his opponent. After practice on Friday, Special Weems shared his approach to football and more.

Jeanna Thomas: Let's talk about your Mic'd Up segment. In the locker room you are kind of quiet--at least when I'm in here--and you're really, really polite, really nice, and then on the field you're going 100 miles per hour all the time. You're really competitive, you're always looking to hit somebody on special teams. What's your focus when you take the field?

Eric Weems: My focus on the field is try to be the best man on the field. That's always my focus, to be the best guy on the field. I love playing the game of football, and I take every play that I do very seriously. And I just love to play the game. I love the sport.

JT: When you're out there as a receiver it's got to be a little bit different for you than on special teams. Are you ever tempted to take somebody out like you do on special teams?

EW: I'm very tempted to take somebody out, but we have different types of schemes and everything that doesn't allow me to use my aggression. But some ways, more than not, they allow me to use my aggression in the offensive scheme. Whatever thing--whatever Coach needs me to do, I'm prepared to do on offense.

JT: You went to Chicago as a free agent and stayed there for a few years, and then came back to Atlanta. What's it like coming home after being with a different team?

EW: It feels great. It feels great to be home. For one, I don't have to deal with the weather. You know, Chicago is cold, and we're not playing outside. I'm in the Dome, guaranteed at least 70 degrees inside the Dome. So it was all love coming back. The guys are still here that, when I first left, that were in the receivers room, so it was very embracing on my way back.

JT: Speaking of the Georgia Dome, what's it like being able to head back into the Dome this Sunday after being on the road for so many weeks?

EW: Ah, man, I hope the Dome is going to be rocking. Well, matter of fact, I know the Dome is going to be rocking being that we're riding a two-game win streak. We're number one in our conference, but the goal is still to be 1 and 0 every week. We need everyone to come out and show their support and have the Dome rocking.