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Roddy White: Falcons in First, But Have Work to Do

Roddy White spoke to the media Thursday about coming back to the Georgia Dome, preparing for the Browns and more.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

After many, many weeks away from the Georgia Dome, the Falcons are looking forward to being at home this Sunday against the Browns and having the opportunity to play in front of their home crowd for a change. Roddy White spoke to the media Thursday about preparing for Sunday's game and more.

On transitioning to a home game after so many weeks on the road, White emphasized that it does give the team an advantage, and that they'll be well prepared. "We'll be ready to go. We'll be ready to go," White said. "We'll be a lot more focused. We get to stay at home, we don't have to get on an airplane and go fly anywhere. So being home--and we play well at home, so I think this will be a good game for us."

It's not lost on the players that they currently hold a lead in the NFC South, but they're staying focused on the next game. "We're just trying to take it week by week. Whoever we play that week, that's our main focus," White said. "That's our goal, to try to win that game. We don't have division games for a little while, so we've got to just take care of business outside of our division right now. We've won all our games in our division--been pretty consistent in that. But we've got to start winning these games outside of the division and helping ourselves get in a better spot. We're in first place, but we've got a long way to go."

It's important that the team focuses on the Browns. Though Cleveland has been inconsistent this season, they've got a solid team, and the Falcons know it. "Those guys look good, man," White said. "[The defense is] the reason they're winning a lot of football games, and guys are flying around. They cover really well, they run well...they do a lot of good things. We're going to have to have our everything going and go out there and be technically sound and things like that. Those guys get interceptions, they knock balls down, they get their hands on balls and they rush the passer really well."

So how do the Falcons prepare for a team that does so many things well defensively? "We've got to go out there and be consistent, and we've got to go out there and make plays," White said. "It's going to be a lot of the time we're going to have people all over us and we're going to have to catch balls."

Catching balls is something Atlanta's offense hasn't been able to do consistently well this season, but this week would certainly be a good time to start.