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Julio Jones, Steven Jackson Miss Thursday Practice With Illnesses

The injury report is also the illness report this week for the Falcons, who are dealing with a bug.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons practiced anew today, and it appears some kind of bug is working its way through the locker room at Flowery Branch.

I'm calling Julio Jones "Jukio," now, though it would only be fair to note that Jeanna was typing that from inside a block of ice. Harry Douglas was also a limited participant due to his injury, per Vaughn McClure.

The good news, as Jeanna notes, is that Julio Jones is fully expected to play Sunday, and I'd anticipate the same will be true for Jackson and DiMarco. It's not clear what the nature of the illness is, exactly, but unless either DiMarco or S-Jax is carrying around a more serious virus than Jukio, they're going to be all set against the Browns.

"We'll anticipate that they'll all be back," Smith said.

Douglas being involved in a limited practice means he'll likely be good to go, as well, and Hester's complete return to practice likely means the same. The Falcons will be without Robert Alford regardless, but hopefully this relatively healthy team can overcome the loss of their #2 cornerback and come out of the Georgia Dome with their third straight win.

Your thoughts on today's injury report?