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Let's Explore An Improbable Scenario Where The Falcons Win Out

This week's Marshall Faulk question will certainly spark some discussion.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

This week in our sponsored series of GMC posts, Marshall Faulk asks us to consider the unlikely for our beloved Falcons:

My headline would say "Holy S**t," quite frankly.

Setting that aside, we're talking about something that I can say with considerable confidence will not happen. If it did, the Falcons would be sitting at 10-6, would almost certainly win the NFC South and would have to, by virtue of the luck and/or play that got them there, be looked at as an extremely dangerous opponent in a surprisingly weak NFC playoff picture. They would have improved their currently middling passing attack, without question, and those strides on defense would turn out to be real and sustainable. In other words, this would look like a very different team than the one that just beat the hapless Buccaneers and Panthers.

Faulk is outlining an unlikely scenario for pretty much every NFL team, not just the Falcons. If the Falcons can even land in this neighborhood, though, suffice to say we'd all be surprised and pretty dang happy.

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