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Matt Ryan Ranks as PFF's 5th Best Quarterback, Is Therefore Elite

Is Matt Ryan an elite quarterback? Pro Football Focus says yes.

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Despite no tight end, a poor offensive line, wide receivers struggling to both separate and catch, a 31 year-old starting running back, and Dirk Koetter "coordinating" the offense, Matt Ryan is graded really well by Pro Football Focus. Really, really good.

Ryan ranks fifth overall, and has a pretty commanding lead over the 6th spot. Lets take a look at some of Matt Ryan's eliteness.


Pro Football Focus Top Quarterbacks

PFF has given Ryan a 18.6 grade through the season, only a few points lower than Tom Brady (elite) and Drew Brees (elite). Despite taking 20 sacks, having 25 dropped passes, nine throw aways, and being hit during five passes, Ryan has elited nearly 2,800 yards, completing 65.5% of his passes for 7.3 yards per attempt.

For a bit of color, the team is 3rd highest in the league in dropped passes, tied for 7th highest in number of QB hits allowed during a pass, and tied for 12th in most sacks. Imagine Ryan if he got average help... let alone good help.

Ryan ranks well ahead of Tony Romo (not elite), Andy Dalton (not elite), Joe Flacco (not elite), and Matt Stafford (not elite).

Ryan does not always get the respect he deserves, after he has been shackled with the league's worst defense, a starting running back that has only mustered 3.6 YPC, and a offensive coordinator who loves the same wide receiver screen formation but hates end zone fades to anyone over 5-foot-6. He has faults but gets so very little help from the rest of the team.

It really looks like no quarterback does more with less than Ryan.

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