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William Moore Practices, Will Be Eligible To Return To Falcons In Week 13

The starting strong safety will return to a Falcons team that has improbably pulled itself back into contention for a playoff spot.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

I have been averaging at least three or four questions about William Moore per day, so I thought it might be time to clear up what his status will be as he returns from short-term injured reserve.

First, the good news. Moore returned to practice today and looks like he's made real progress towards his return:

Moore is eligible to return to practice this week. If all goes according to plan—a rare occurrence this season, admittedly—then WAR would be on track to return to game action the Sunday after this one, in Week 13 versus the Arizona Cardinals. Given how rough that game likely will be, we'll welcome him back with open arms, but expect a little rust that can be mitigated by not immediately giving him 100% of the defensive snaps.

The good news is that in Moore's absence, we've watched Dwight Lowery play steady, quality football nearly every week. We've watched Kemal Ishmael improve weekly, amass three interceptions and make a case for himself as a long-term part of the rotation at safety. And we've seen Dezmen Southward get more snaps and, in fits and starts, turn into a nice little player.

For all that, the Falcons want Moore back. He's a big hitter, a capable cover safety and a man who has no qualms about being aggressive in the hopes of getting a turnover. Getting him back in the starting lineup takes a little bit off the plates of Ishmael and Southward, which might allow both to be even more effective than they have been thus far. And with Robert Alford potentially missing a few weeks, it adds talent back to a secondary that could see its fair share of struggles in the weeks ahead.

In other injury news from the day, Harry Douglas and Jonathan Scott were held out of practice. It's not clear if Douglas has suffered a setback or just getting a day of  rest, but that should cleared up by tomorrow's injury report. Julio Jones was out with what the team reported as an illness.

Your thoughts on Moore's potential return?