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Falcons Sign DT Ricky Havili-Heimuli To Practice Squad

RHH, as we like to call him, will take Travian Robertson's spot on the practice squad. It's the first of a few moves likely to come in the days ahead.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The Falcons lost Travian Robertson to Seattle last night, and they didn't waste much time filling his spot on the practice squad.

Havili-Heimuli, who will heretofore before called simply "RHH," is a 6'4", 314 pound rookie UDFA defensive tackle out of Oregon who spent a little time with the Jacksonville Jaguars this summer before being released. If that sentence induces rage in you, please note that he spent very little time with Jacksonville, and thus the usual "ALL WE DO IS SIGN JAGUARS" might be a little misplaced. A little.

RHH is a classic run-stopping, space-clogging tackle who will be given some time to develop on the practice squad, and depending on what happens with the team's currently clogged defensive tackle depth chart in 2015 and beyond, he could get a chance to compete for a roster spot. It's likelier he'll merely serve as practice squad depth for the rest of 2014 while the Falcons figure out if he can become more than that.

You can anticipate more moves in the hours and days ahead, as the Falcons look to fill a roster spot left vacant by Antone Smith being placed on injured reserve. What do you think of the signing?