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Falcons vs. Panthers: A Tweet Recap

I believe the Falcons are experiencing what's commonly known as "a winning streak."

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons won a second game in a row, giving them control of the NFC South and a 4-0 record within the division. Relive the stress, strain, frustration and eventual joy of Sunday's win through tweets.

Some people are optimistic pre-game. Others are...less so.

Always a relevant sentiment.

The best thing about a Matt Ryan scramble is how Dave describes it.

The Panthers' offensive line was really not good, allowing pressure against the Falcons, even though some of it was negated by a roughing call.

Desmond Trufant dropped a pick early. We all had déjà vu.

Kemal Ishmael, on the other hand, shut down a Panthers drive with a timely pick.

It didn't really matter because the offense was pretty meh.

It was a little surprising that Matt Ryan didn't go for the first down here.

Ugh, this defense.

Ugh, this offense.

A lead is still a lead if it's solely comprised of field goals, right?

This game was just a bunch of ugly offense from both teams.

And Atlanta's defense had their not-so-shining moments, too.

Another consistently relevant sentiment: thank goodness for Matt Bryant.

Atlanta led 6-3 at the half, and Dave was maybe being overly optimistic.

Let's check in on the Saints.

The countdown is on.

I never thought I would say this, but I'm sick to death of WR screens.

Another field goal for the Falcons gave Atlanta a 9-3 lead. Fans could barely contain their excitement.

But then they scored a touchdown! It was 16-3 and things were looking up for the Falcons.

Presented without comment.

Special teams coverage left a lot to be desired at times.

And a brawl broke out at one point.

Really, it is remarkable how little Cam Newton has to work with offensively.

Matt Ryan, on the other hand, has plenty of talent to work with, and Sunday was not his greatest performance.

Let's check in on the Saints.

Just a reminder.

Man, this was an ugly game.

Desmond Trufant needs to just not ever do this again.

I guess it just depended on the final score of this one.

I mean...

It started to look grim. Two Carolina touchdowns and general Falcons ineptitude gave Carolina a 16-17 lead, and Falcons fans have heard this story before. Optimism was hard to come by at that point.

Fans would have preferred a touchdown, and Matt Bryant's wife was nervous, but Bryant is as clutch as they come.

But Carolina still very much had a chance to win it.

A missed by Carolina kicker Graham Gano kept the Falcons hopes alive.

All the Falcons needed to do was get a first down. Did they? LOL, no.

So it was back in the hands of the defense, and Carolina moved the ball into field goal range because of course they did. Ra'Shede Hageman, however, blocked the field goal. Falcons win.

Let's check in on the Saints.

I won't sugarcoat it. It was an ugly, ugly win, and there's still a lot of season left to play. But for the moment, let's enjoy being on top (of a very bad division).