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NFC South Standings, Week 12: The Falcons On Top

The Falcons currently have first, but it's a packed (and terrible) division this year.

Scott Cunningham

The NFC South is still a fallow land where dreams go to die, but at least it's our fallow lands where dreams go to die.

The Falcons seized first place in the division on Sunday with their win over the Panthers and the Saints' loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, thanks to Atlanta owning the necessary tiebreakers. Somehow, the division leader is still a full two games under .500 here, which tells you just how grim things have been and likely will continue to be in the NFL's worst division.

NFC South Standings

Atlanta Falcons: 4-6
New Orleans Saints: 4-6
Carolina Panthers: 3-7-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 2-8

You can't even rule the Buccaneers at this point, because they're only two games behind the division leader, albeit more than that when you factor in tiebreakers. The Panthers look terrible right now and are heading in the wrong direction, but also aren't dead just yet. The Saints and Falcons are more or less neck-in-neck, but the Falcons do have the edge and can really start making meaningful strides toward a division crown if they can pull off a win while the Saints lose next week. And yes, it is unbelievable that I'm typing that.

The Falcons basically control their own destiny in the NFC South the rest of the way. Let's see if they can take advantage.