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Matt Ryan Manages Franchise Record 20th Fourth Quarter Comeback

Ryan has more fourth quarter comebacks than anyone else in Falcons history.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons win on Sunday had a few feel good moments between Roddy White's 10,000th yard, the win and this little overlooked tidbit.

Not half bad, eh?

This was not Ryan's finest fourth quarter comeback, considering it chiefly happened on the back of the defense and Matt Bryant's leg. But he still managed a drive down into the Panthers' red zone that set up the field goal despite an otherwise forgettable day, and while I don't think you should judge quarterbacks by their win count when wins and comebacks tend to be team efforts, I welcome these comebacks when they happen.

Ryan, of course, either owns or shortly will own nearly every franchise passing record and a few more besides. He's operating in an era that inflates numbers, but there's little doubt that Ryan will go down as the best Falcons quarterback, and those brutally efficient two minute drills and late game drives will be a big part of the reason.

To elaborate on this a little further, I fully recognize that Ryan is not solely or even in many cases primarily responsible for these drives. He has been a key player in many, however.

Oh, and in case you wondered, those 20 fourth quarter comebacks are the most of any quarterback since 2008. Not a bad little milestone for the Falcons' quarterback.