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The Falcons Now Lead The NFC South

At 4-6 with a tiebreaker over the Saints, the Falcons are in first place for the first time in many weeks.

Grant Halverson

File this one under stunning:

That's right, your 4-6 Falcons sit atop the NFC South today. Thanks to their flawless division record and their Week 1 victory against the Saints, who have an identical record, Atlanta's got sole possessions of first place. That's a testament to the sadness of the NFC South, of course, but it's also impressive that Atlanta didn't roll over and play dead when they were sitting at 2-6 and everyone in the entire world was openly talking about the firings to come.

It was not a great win for Atlanta by any stretch of the imagination, but thankfully you're not penalized for that. The record's good enough, and the Falcons will certainly hope they can take this lead and run with it.

I don't know what lies ahead for this team, but I plan to enjoy this moment, regardless. How long do you think the Falcons will remain on top of the division?