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Way Too Early 2014 Redraft: Falcons Take Not Jake Matthews

Do you think nine games into the season is way too early for a redraft? The disagrees, and they do not feel Jake Matthews is a top 10 pick.

Redrafts make Jake Matthews sad.
Redrafts make Jake Matthews sad.
Kevin C. Cox

Redrafts after three years are great. You can look back at how your team drafted, then wonder how they would look under a redraft. The busts have been separated from the elite, and you wish you never heard of the name Peria Jerry.

In redrafts, you can find out if the Falcons make a great pick. Typically not, but it is fun to look back. But after nine games? This is as pointless as an article about a redraft article made after nine games.

For what it is worth,'s Daniel Jeremiah, former NFL Scout, had plenty of... interesting insights. For instance, he had Jadeveon Clowney drop out of the top 10. What did he have to say about a guy who has only taken 55 snaps this year?

At the Texans pick 1st overall:

Clowney could still turn out to be a great player, but going off what I've seen so far this year I'm going with Mack at No. 1.

At the Lions pick at 10th overall:

Clowney is still on the board, but I haven't seen anything from him this season.

I have not seen enough from Clowney, either. Might be because he has been injured and has barely played. Which makes this list dumb. Clowney goes from one of the most elite players to enter the NFL to falling out of the top 10 after 55 snaps.

Well, Jeremiah did not like how the hobbled Matthews has produced so far.

The Falcons stick to addressing their need for an offensive lineman, but [Taylor] Lewan's the pick over Matthews. He's been great for the Titans this season.

Lewan has been good, and would probably go at six in the "Redraft For Nine Games Assuming Your Guy Deals With a Bad Ankle Injury For Half The Season" but this feels pretty ridiculous. Players who have remained healthy are pushed to the top and considered among the best.

Based on what you have seen so far, taking into consideration injury and long-term appeal, who would you want the Falcons to have taken? Plenty of great names from the draft, but Lewan does not make my list.