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What Game Matters Most To The Atlanta Falcons?

Easy answer: The Saints.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are playing for their playoff lives right now, as absurd as that still sounds to me, and thus they have quite a few important games left on the schedule. Our prompt for the day asks us to choose a single game as the most important.

The easy answer here is the Saints game on December 21st. There's a small but real chance that game will decide the NFC South, and at the very least it is the latest in one of the most acrimonious rivalries in the NFL. That's going to be worth the prices of admission, at the very least. The chance to knock the Saints out of the playoffs and advance is something I won't even let myself seriously consider, because it is entirely too delightful for a 3-6 team to contemplate.

Other candidates are obvious. The Packers destroyed the Falcons in the 2010 playoffs, which arguably changed the course of the franchise, and they're a damn tough team to beat on the road. The Cardinals have had Matt Ryan's number in recent years. The Panthers are lurking, and it's fair to argue a loss to Carolina this Sunday will effectively doom the rest of the Falcons' season, given that it's one of the "easier" games remaining. Ultimately, though, I think you either go with the Saints or that famously cute answer that every game is the most important.

What's your nomination?

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