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Describing The 2014 Atlanta Falcons In One Word

This ought to be good.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

If you had to sum up the 2014 Atlanta Falcons in one word, what would that word be?

This is a sponsored post, of course, but when I saw the prompt I was actually pretty excited to see what kind of responses we would get to the question. You guys are uniquely talented at summing up this team's play succinctly, and often with just one or two withering words. Coming into the Bears game, we're not quite sure how this season will go, but this can serve as a snapshot of how we all feel in the here and now to be reviewed later after the carnage or ascent.

If I were to choose one word, it would be disappointing. I covered this in my Giants recap, but this team has been discouraging to watch because of my cautiously optimistic projection for them, the defense's ongoing hemorrhaging of yards and points and a smooth blend of questionable coaching, injuries and missed opportunities. The good news is that 2-3 isn't a death sentence and the offense remains one of the more effective ones in football, but yes, to this point disappointing works just fine for me. 

So tell us: What word would you use?

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