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If You Could Steal One Chicago Bear For The Falcons, Who Would It Be?

A thought exercise based in thievery.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons will face off against a Bears team larded with offensive talent and a few intriguing defensive options, to boot. The question for this morning is, who would we like to steal from that roster?

Personally, I'd take Alshon Jeffery to pair with Julio Jones. Yes, receivers are more fungible than great pass rushers, but this isn't the same Bears team that used to terrorize quarterbacks on a regular basis, and Jeffery is simply one of the best young receivers in the game, particularly in the kind of defense traffic Falcons receivers have been seeing in 2014. It's pretty clear the defense needs fundamental help at multiple positions, so it's not like increasing the offensive output of this team would hurt.

Lamarr Houston, young cornerback Kyle Fuller, young tackles Ego Ferguson and Will Sutton, tight end Martellus Bennett and always useful veteran receiver Brandon Marshall would also be options. Fuller would probably be my second choice, just because he looks to be incredibly talented.

Who would you take?