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Falcons post-game injury update: does an ego injury count?

Fact: Harland Gunn's blood is more corrosive than hydrochloric acid

Alex Goodlett

Well that was ... sad. The season is quickly slipping away from the Falcons, a scenario with pervasive consequences for this regime. Let's talk injuries.

James Stone was in at left guard for a couple plays in the first half, with Harland Gunn going to the sideline. Gunn quickly went back in, and the Falcons fanbase collectively sighed in relief. As we've discussed, while the current offensive line is capable, there's not a big margin for error, from an injury standpoint.

The persistent concern about Matt Ryan's well-being will go on, but give Mike Tice some credit. Behind a revamped offensive line, Ryan wasn't hit a single time in the first half. If anyone struggled in pass protection today, it was Jake Matthews. Notwithstanding Matthews' issues with Jason Pierre-Paul in the 2nd half, Ryan escaped injury-free. Now go knock on some wood, folks.

Josh Wilson was banged up in the second half. He made a great play, deflecting a would-be touchdown catch. A couple of plays later he went down with an unspecified injury. Wilson left the field under his own power and there wasn't an mid-game change of his status, so that's good.

All in all, from an injury standpoint, this week was a success. As for the rest of the game ...