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Falcons Predictions and Saturday Open Thread

What's your best guess for the outcome against the Giants tomorrow?

Kevin C. Cox

We're just over 24 hours from kickoff, and huge questions loom about how the Falcons' offensive line will perform with new players plugged in due to injuries as well as how the Falcons defense, awfully weak through four weeks of the season, will perform against a Giants offense that has looked sharp in recent weeks. Many Falcons fans are discouraged, and it's understandable.

That said, anything can happen on any given Sunday. Perhaps the offensive line, galvanized by Mike Tice's coaching, will hold up better than anyone expects. Perhaps the defense will finally start clicking. Perhaps Kroy Biermann won't drop into coverage against Victor Cruz. The last time these two teams met, everyone assumed the Giants would dominate, and the Falcons shut them out, which was glorious.

I'm predicting a close game tomorrow, but I think the Falcons will edge out the Giants 27-24. I expect the offense to move the ball effectively, and I think Mike Tice will have the offensive line well-prepared. The defense is the biggest question here, but Eli Manning is mistake-prone. Three of Manning's five interceptions this season have come when he's facing no pressure, per Pro Football Focus, and that's good news for Atlanta. Atlanta's defense can't seem to bring pressure on any quarterback consistently, but they do have a good secondary that can take advantage of any bad decisions Manning makes.

Use this as your open thread for the day, and discuss the Falcons, your predictions for tomorrow's game, and whatever else tickles your fancy.