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Despite a 2-6 start, the Falcons' locker room is still surprisingly upbeat

Fact: Harry Douglas' perspiration smells like the perfume counter at Macy's

Kevin C. Cox

It's real easy to be all doom and gloom about the Falcons right now. They've started 2-6 in consecutive years. They're wasting their franchise quarterback's best years. Arthur Blank's mustache smells like Old Spice and ketchup.

But if you're Harry Douglas, there's no reason to give up hope. In his words, the Falcons control their destiny. Credit to Reid Ferrin for the relevant quote.

"We're not out of anything yet," Douglas said. "All we have to do is handle our own business. We control our own destiny and it starts with our game against Tampa Bay. I think our bye week came at the right time, so we can relax ourselves, regroup and pull off a heck of a season."

If you didn't know the Falcons were 2-6, you'd think they weren't. You'd think they were at least .500, given Harry's attitude. I don't know whether to laud him or subject him to the concussion protocol. If the Falcons do somehow make the playoffs, it'd be a comeback of epic proportions. It'd be really great; that is, until they're bumped in the 1st round. But heck, kudos to Harry for keeping his head up.