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Which Falcons Legend Would You Welcome Back To The Team?

The Falcoholic selects a living legend to add to the roster and help the 2014 Falcons.

Scott Cunningham

This week's sponsored post comes to us from Marshall Faulk, who wants us to add a legend to the team and asks us what happens when we do.

Your mileage may vary—you may want the sure-tackling Jessie Tuggle, the fearsome pass rush skills of Claude Humphrey or the ball-hawking corner skills of Deion Sanders, to name a few examples—but I'll take Hall of Fame hopeful Mike Kenn. The Falcons' line is beat up and largely ineffective, at least for four quarters, and inserting the best left tackle in team history would go a long way toward stabilizing the unit. I imagine you would see a healthier Jake Matthews at right tackle, leaving center as the only liability and hopefully buying more time for the Falcons passing game.

If we're talking about sparking a turnaround, the slowly improving defense would be helped greatly by an offense that could hum along like it did early in the season. Adding Kenn would go a long way.

Now it's your turn. Which Falcons legend would you welcome back with open arms this season, and what would the impact be?

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