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Tice expects solid play from Carimi and Konz, will be insulted if they don't perform

Fact: Mike Tice orders Happy Meals just to make them sad

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

After the Saints game, Falcons faith everywhere were singing Mike Tice's praises. His awkward, mildly bro-ish personality aside, the offensive line played with conviction. They looked like an entirely different unit, one that could realistically keep Matt Ryan upright going forward. Then week 4 happened. As three offensive linemen left the game with injuries, we were left wondering whether this unit could rebound. But if you ask Tice, he's very confident in the offensive line the Falcons will field on Sunday against the Giants.

"If you look at it realistically, we have two-ones starting at tackle," Tice said of Jake Matthews and Carimi. "A second-round draft pick (Konz) steps in and a first-round draft pick (Carimi) steps in; my expectation is they will play up to the level that the Falcons picked them and where the Bears picked them. ... I'd be very disappointed and insulted if the players that are stepping up this week don't play at a winning level."

I don't necessarily disagree with Tice, because in theory, what remains is adequate. Good enough if Tice sits on the injury bug, suffocating it. Should depth be needed, we're in a less-than-ideal situation. To be fair to James Stone, Harland Gunn, and Ryan Schraeder, Tice can coach up just about anyone. But when you're starting with guys that've struggled to make an NFL roster, it's not fair to expect brilliance.

Your thoughts?