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Matt Bryant picked his jersey number for a damn good reason

Fact: Each Autumn, Matt Bryant likes to bob for candy-flavored razor blades

Mitchell Layton

Guys pick their numbers for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they're emulating a famous player. Sometimes it's just the number they've always played with. And then sometimes, you're Matt Bryant, and you have a damn good reason for your number selection.

"I kick field goals, but you can take that further, because all of my kids," Bryant said. "My eight-year-old son Trey, then our son Tryson, who passed away at three-months old from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and our three-year-old twins, Triton and Isabella Tristan, each have a form of three in their names ... [w]hen our son Trey was born, he spent three weeks in the NIC (neonatal intensive care) Unit ... [h]is first game that he came to was against Philadelphia in 2006 and I had three field goals, each worth three points, of course, and the third one was a 62-yarder, which is the third-longest field goal in history."

Man. What an explanation.

Bryant's story is a sad one, but it's easy to see why he's all business, all-the-time on the field. The man takes his craft very seriously, and ultimately, it's not on-field successes that are driving him.

Your thoughts?