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Lions vs. Falcons: A Tweet Recap


Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday was a nightmare made real for the Falcons. Each issue that has plagued this team over the past several seasons--soft defense, poor o-line play, weird strategy and clock management decisions, and second half collapses--came to bear on Sunday. It was a disastrous implosion on an international stage.

In a season this delightful, why limit tweet recaps to gameday tweets?

In case you didn't know where to find the game on Sunday, Jenna had you covered.

Many things about the London game were different from a standard home game for the Falcons, including the security.

One thing that wasn't different was the dread fans felt and the low expectations they harbored for this Falcons team against the Lions.

But the Falcons started off strong, with a solid drive capped off by Devonta Freeman scoring his first NFL touchdown.

Things were even looking a little brighter on defense.

And the offense looked pretty unstoppable. I wouldn't say that hopes were high at that point, but hopes were slightly less low than they were pre-game.

There were a lot of Falcons fans at Wembley. It was fun to see the team have so much support in London.

And in the first half there were plenty of good things to support. Robert Alford added an interception to the defensive effort.

The Falcons went into the half with a 21-point lead.

If you don't like sadness and misery, you might want to stop reading right now.

Because nobody played well in the second half. Not even Matt Bosher.

And Falcons fans and media are all too familiar with the second-half collapse.

It was the offense, including Matt Ryan.

It was the defense, with the soft zone and the giving up explosive plays and the general ineptitude that plagues this season.

It was the play calling and clock management and the same old Falcons.

And it was the officiating. Oh, Lord, was it the officiating.

But honestly, Falcons. You blew it.

Shut up, Glenn from The Walking Dead. You shut up right now.

I hate this season, but let's try to look on the bright side.

Speaking of the bye week...

And at least we don't have Bucs-themed living rooms, I guess.