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The Falcons have until 4 PM eastern today to make a trade; what are their options?

Fact: Thomas Dimitroff's closet is completely devoid of hangers

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The trade deadline is today. The Falcons have until 4 PM eastern time to make a move. If I had to guess, they won't make any moves. That doesn't mean they won't entertain the possibilities. Let's break down their options.

Attempt to trade an extraneous player

I discussed this possibility at length last week. The idea is simple: if the Falcons can find a trade partner stupid enough to covet their trash heap looking for some depth, they should pull the trigger. Even with a dismal division, the chances of a turnaround with this coaching staff and roster are slim at best. So when it comes to these guys, trade away!

For what it's worth, Big Blue View referenced an NFL reporter Jason Cole report saying the Falcons will be sellers today, with Osi Umenyiora firmly on the trade block. Full disclosure, I can't find Jason Cole actually reporting that anywhere, but it sounds like a realistic possibility.

Trade a marquee player

For some reason, I keep hearing about us trading a receiver. Whether it's Roddy White, Devin Hester, or Julio Jones, that seems to be the popular option. By popular option, of course, I don't mean "widely accepted." A substantial majority of Falcons fans do not support trading any of our marquee players away. It's those fans who fear nothing more than a complete rebuild, and I happen to share that mentality. There's absolutely no way the Falcons part with Julio Jones, not with Thomas Dimitroff at the helm. They gave up too much to get him, and no matter the opportunity, they're going to pass.

As for other marquee players the Falcons could look to shop, nobody really makes sense. The Falcons aren't going to trade away their future. The notion that they'd give up Matt Ryan, Jonathan Massaquoi, Desmond Trufant, etc. is extremely farfetched.

In short, if the Falcons are going to trade someone, it will likely be White or Hester. I could see them landing a halfway decent mid-round pick or two for either. Hester is better-than-ever and White, while a few steps slower, is still a game changing possession receiver. While I'd hate to see either of them in a different uniform, you'd better bet the Falcons will entertain any serious offers.

Trade for a player

This option also doesn't make much sense. If the Falcons are somehow delusional enough thinking they can rebound and make a run at the division, they might go this route. For our purposes, some names that would make sense are LB Tamba Hali and DE Justin Tuck. The Falcons still desperately need pass rush. Also look for the Falcons to contact teams with deep offensive lines. You can only pull guys off the street for so long, and with Gabe Carimi injuring his ankle yesterday, they're getting awfully thin along the offensive front.

Your thoughts?