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NFC South Standings After Week 8: Wherein We Lose A Belief In A Higher Power

Look away, friends, before you see into the heart of the universe and find only darkness.

Jordan Mansfield

The NFC South didn't have a very good week, did they? Let's take a closer look at where all four teams stand.

NFC South Standings

Panthers: 3-4-1
New Orleans Saints: 3-4

Atlanta Falcons: 2-6
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 1-6

Have you ever read an H.P. Lovecraft story? Do you know that moment where the quiet dread that has permeated the story turns into something more, as the protagonist catches a glimpse of whatever many-tentacled slurping horror has been tormenting him from afar? This is that moment for the teams of the NFC South, as they confront their own monstrous failure.

Good luck forecasting the winner of this division. The Panthers have the obvious advantage because they currently lead it and they've actually mustered some halfway-decent football the last couple of weeks. The Saints are rounding into form a bit and will have the best shot if they can keep it up, and the Falcons are somehow not completely dead yet.

The only team that is well and truly out of it is Tampa Bay, but we shouldn't kid ourselves into thinking the Falcons are particularly likely to win the South this season. What is clear is that this division will be a slog, and the winner is going to need to turn it around fast to make any noise in the playoffs.

Your thoughts on the standings?