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A Roundup Of Mike Smith Press Conference Quotes from Week 8 And Angry Comments From Fans

Pretty typical week at Flowery Branch.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, Mike Smith lives to coach another day. He came out for his typical Monday press conference, and while the questioning was a touch more aggressive and he was a tad more flustered than usual, not much else changed. The angry comments were intact, of course.

A firing during the bye always seemed a little unlikely, but I thought the five game losing streak at least opened the door on the possibility, given how painful these last two seasons have been. Smith will get an opportunity to at least finish out the year—it's going to take one hell of a turnaround to keep him here, more than likely—and I sincerely hope he and the team are able to capitalize on it.

With that potential drama clearly not happening, it was a fairly typical Smitty press release. Here's a few curated comments for you to weigh and comment on.