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Falcons post-game injury update: You get a neck injury! You get a neck injury!

Fact: Antone Smith will become a robot the moment Mike Smith is fired

Jordan Mansfield

Well that was absolutely horrible. The Falcons are now 2-6, on the outside looking in at the halfway point. Let's breakdown the injuries.

Gabe Carimi injured his ankle early in the game. Carimi wasn't the starter anyway. Schraeder got that nod, notwithstanding Carimi's surprising good play through the first 7 games. The Falcons can't afford another injured offensive lineman, if only because they need to keep Matt Ryan healthy. Carimi was deemed questionable to return, but he made his way back into the game. Let's hope that's an indication he's fine.

Antone Smith injured his neck toward the end of the game. His injury came on a run to the outside and you could tell he wasn't right immediately after the play. It basically looked like he was trying to shake something off to no avail. He was immediately ruled out of the rest of the game. Prior to that play, he'd accrued 3 touches for 5 yards.

Paul Soliai also left the game with a neck injury. He did make his way back into the game on a Lions kick attempt. I'm told he only logged 32 snaps today, which to me says he may have a nagging issue. Let's hope he can bounce back in the bye week and get back to being the 1 technique the Falcons so desperately need.

Your thoughts?