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The Week 8 NFL And Post-Lions Loss Rampant Speculation Thread

Falcons fans, sift through your feelings right here.

Jordan Mansfield

After the Falcons blew their game against the Lions, falling to 2-6, we formally head into the bye week. There's still football to be played today, though, so talk about that here. While you're at it, weigh in on the fate of the coaching staff and what this loss ultimately means for the Falcons. It's nothing pretty, we'll say that.

At this point, I can't see Mike Smith surviving this season, and he may not even survive the week. I love this football team and I wish things had turned out differently, but it's impossible to have watched this team over the last two seasons and come away with the idea that major changes aren't needed. I can no longer strike even a vaguely optimistic note.

Please be respectful of one another through a charged time, but open thread rules apply otherwise. Chances are good this bye week will be a busy one for our favorite football team, for better or worse.