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One Falcon To Watch In Week 8: Jonathan Massaquoi

Massaquoi is one cheeky bloke.

Kevin C. Cox

After showing flashes in Atlanta's defense for weeks, Jonathan Massaquoi is finally starting to get appropriate playing time.

Since Mike Nolan is late (but finally arriving) to the Massaquoi party we've all been at for the last two months or so, the defense is starting to show very faint signs of a pass rush.  On limited pass rush opportunities last week, Jonathan disrupted Joe Flacco on numerous occasions, and had what very well may have been his best professional performance. With his snap count rising on a weekly basis, it's fair to assume his presence can only bode well for an Atlanta Falcons defense desperately searching for a turn-around.

The Detroit Lions bring with them an offensive line that doesn't look to be much better than Atlanta's, and has allowed Matthew Stafford to be sacked 17 times in the last 4 games.  If Nolan can take advantage of this weakness with a rising star in Jonathan Massaquoi, it could lead to a much needed win against a solid team.

Will a failure of the coaching staff to give Massaquoi more opportunities end up costing the Falcons more games this season?