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Where To Watch Falcons vs. Lions In Week 8



Normally I'd give you the coverage map of where you could watch the Falcons-Lions game on Sunday morning, but this week the map's a little different. You can catch the Falcons in any of the gray areas on this map.

US Map

That's because this game is nationally televised on FOX beginning at 9:30 a.m. If you've got a television and can get FOX, you'll have the chance to watch this game. If you don't, find your local sports bar and break in, if necessary*. There should be a lively, hopefully largely pro-Falcons crowd at Wembley, and as I've mentioned several times this week, the Falcons are playing and coaching for jobs right now. Should be hard-fought.

Let's hope it's an enjoyable one for us.

*Do not actually break and enter your local sports bar.