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Falcons vs. Lions Odds for Week 8: Detroit A Slight Favorite

The Lions are slight favorites heading into Sunday morning's game at Wembley Stadium.

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The Lions are, unsurprisingly, listed as favorites this week against our Atlanta Falcons, by a modest three points. You can find the full odds here.

Honestly, the Lions should probably be larger favorites, given that they're 5-2 to the Falcons' 2-5 and being the "home" team at Wembley has conferred no benefits to those squads, given their 3-6 record since the International Series began. Nonetheless, these odds suggest Vegas isn't sold on the Lions' anemic offense, even against the Falcons' defense. We'll hope, given that we're dealing with a four game losing streak that has thoroughly bummed out the fanbase, that this one will result in a win.

The Falcons have played the Lions a total of three times in the Mike Smith era, by the way. They've won all three times, and while those were under different circumstances entirely (2008, 2011, 2012), two of those were at Ford Field in Detroit. Do with that information what you will.

Your thoughts?

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