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With the trade deadline just around the corner, here are five Atlanta Falcons that could find themselves on the infamous "block"

Fact: Steven Jackson once beat Vladimir Putin in a staring contest

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The October 28th trade deadline is quickly approaching. While it's extremely unlikely the Falcons trade away any of their current roster, it's worth considering the possibilities. For now, I'm not going to speculate as to what players the Falcons could trade for, because that seems like a more remote possibility.

I'm anticipating a slew of "this is ridiculous, there's no way the Falcons make a trade!" I understand it's not likely. I understand that league-wide, we may only see another trade or two between now and the 28th. But heck, couch GMing is fun, so let's get after it!

Steven Jackson

The running back stable is crowded. Jackson is under contract through the 2015 season. He hasn't blown anyone away this year, despite flashes of that bruising running style we all know and love. Even so, there may be a team that would part with a mid-to-late round pick for his services. If presented with that opportunity, it'd be foolish to ignore it.

Kroy Biermann

Biermann's role has decreased in recent weeks, with Jonathan Massaquoi emerging as a manbeast. Kroy's versatility could appeal to some teams, in particular those running 3-4 defenses. Plus any team that takes him gets automatic publicity on Bravo, which is kinda awesome. Kinda.

Osi Umenyiora

Given his sideline blowup after the Bears game, I wouldn't be surprised if Osi wants out. The Falcons publicly demoted him in the off-season, and there might be a GM foolish enough to think he's still the player he was in New York. Again,if a mid-to-late round pick is a possibility, the Falcons should jump at the opportunity.

Robert McClain

Bobby Mac just can't get a fair shake. He's clawed his way onto team after team, only to be supplanted by Josh Wilson. Josh Freakin' Wilson. But really, he's a decent option in the slot, and there may be a cornerback hungry team out there willing to pay for his services. Look into that, Comrade.

TJ Yates

Teams weren't particularly interested in Yates before he was almost released by the Texans, but you never know. When he's on, he's a capable NFL quarterback. It wouldn't take much, since the Falcons seemingly believe Sean Renfree can be the backup of the future.

Again, a trade is unlikely. We know that. But if it's going down, it's likely to be one of these five players. To be clear, I'm not suggesting the Falcons should adopt an all-is-lost mentality. But they can arguably part with any of these guys and sustain. Under those circumstances, it doesn't hurt to keep the franchise's future in mind.