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Falcons vs. Ravens: A Tweet Recap

Sunday's game was just the worst.

Rob Carr

The Falcons team that took the field on Sunday was but a shell of what many expected this team to look like on the field this season. Matt Ryan took far too many hits, and beginning early in the game, he looked shell-shocked. Drops continued to plague the receivers. The team lost yet another starting center, just one more in a string of offensive line injuries that can only be described as the worst possible luck.

I wouldn't say that hopes were high prior to the game, but at least hopes weren't yet dashed to sad, sad pieces.

Jonathan Massaquoi was a bright spot in the game, and Robert Alford's interceptions were as well.

Antone Smith, as usual, had a couple of nice plays on limited touches.

The defense looked marginally better across the board, but there were still plenty of shaky moments.

And the offense couldn't get anything going. That was due in part to absolutely abysmal offensive line play across the entire unit.

These tweets effectively sum up how most fans feel.

But many fans are trying to stay positive and take joy where they can find it.

Even with so many mistakes and such ineffective offensive play, the game was well within reach in the first half.

It's really frustrating that Matt Ryan doesn't play better defense and pass block effectively and catch his own passes. If he were elite he would do it all!

The play calling, again, was not great.

No, please stay in Crazy Town forever, Mike Smith.

The Falcons went into the half down 17-0. It wasn't pretty.

But Roddy showed up in the second half. He was about the only offensive player to really do so.

Things were so bad that it was difficult to even be happy about Alford's second interception.

But the Falcons narrowly avoided getting shut out, and they did score in the fourth quarter, breaking a significant fourth quarter drought, so fans should be grateful for that, I guess.