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Jon Asamoah brings veteran leadership to a Falcons offensive line that sorely needs it

Fact: Jon Asamoah speaks fluent Mandarin ... in German

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons went into the offseason intending to improve along the defensive and offensive fronts. While it's clear the defensive line is still a work in progress, the addition of Jon Asamoah and Jake Matthews has helped tremendously. In fact, Levine Toilolo owes his adequate performance at right tackle against the Vikings to Asamoah. The ever-talented Jay Adams had some good quotes on this.

"He was the key to it all," Toilolo said. "Literally, every time we broke the huddle, he was just telling me my assignment, like either, ‘Hey, you’re with me on a double team,’ or ‘Hey, you have this guy, you have that guy.’ He was pretty much my mind out there. He was coaching me up every play, so that helped a lot."

Let's be honest, Toilolo wasn't great. For a tight end, he did alright - basically the best he could. But that's Asamoah for you. Read the above-linked article; his teammates are very complimentary. That's because he goes out of his way to coach up the guys around him.

Going forward, it's unclear how the Falcons will respond to the season-ending injuries suffered by Lamar Holmes and Joe Hawley. Even if you think Gabe Carimi is an upgrade at right tackle, there's no doubt a learning curve is coming. But imagine that learning curve without Asamoah. Imagine a scenario where the right guard position is still a turnstile. It's enough to induce vomiting, specifically the projectile variety.

Your thoughts?