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Poll: Have The Falcons Met Your Expectations Through Four Games?

Better, worse or right on target?

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are through four games now and stand at a respectable if worrisome 2-2. Respectable because the Falcons lost to a tough Bengals team and have won both of their divisional matchups, worrisome because the defense got slaughtered last weekend and the Falcons are down Joe Hawley, Lamar Holmes and William Moore now.

My question to you, is this where you anticipated the Falcons would be? I had them at 3-1 at this point, so I'd say they're slightly below my record expectations, with the offense exceeding those expectations and the defense burrowing deep into the earth beneath them. Looking at the schedule, the team's performance and any mitigating factors you want to consider, where do you stand on the 2014 Falcons through the first quarter of the season?

Take the poll below, if you would.